"Well, I-", he had said that. Surely, at some point. Still he saw no need to be reminded of whatever he had said at any given time. Especially not of anything he had said about ‘excitement’ or ‘danger’.

Inviting surely wouldn’t have been his preferred term to describe those doors standing ajar. Aramis was far from being a fraidy cat but the wish to enter an abandoned house that, allegedly, was haunted by the ghosts of the former residents - all of hem murdered, one might consider - was beyond him.

"It doesn’t scare me per se, I just never particularly liked ghost stories", he cast a glance at Marian and suddenly raised his eyebrows a little, a small, roguish smirk now sitting on his own lips as well. "You seem a little tense, Mademoiselle. Scared?"


Her brows arched with curiosity as he began to speak. “Well you?” She prompted wondering if he had or was keeping a secret, or perhaps he had found himself at a loss for things to say. Either way, it had seized her attention.

"If it does not scare you? Then why do you let ghost stories bother you? Have you ever once seen anything that remotely resembled a ghost? Don’t give credit to stories that boast in the existence of things unseen and or even unproven," she easily explained. Though, she wasn’t sure if she did or didn’t believe in the misty white spirits said to "haunt" the manor. 

His smile caused her to hesitate for a moment. Her eyes locked upon the man with a controlled expression as he asked if she was scared. Shrugging her shoulders in an attempt to make her figure seem more relaxed she breathed, ‘if you’re not scared then I’m not either.” It seemed like a childish response but it was the best she could give.

"Let’s go inside before someone sees us lurking about this place," she suggested in a tone much braver than she inwardly felt.


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║⌠              sometimes before it gets better,

            the      d  a  r  k  n  e  s  s      gets bigger;

       the  « p e r s o n »  that you'd take a bullet for is

            behind the trigger,

                 oh!              ⌡║

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Who do you ship my muse with?

I’m curious~! OvO

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little-hero-dale asked: Take all of the Warriors of Virtue's... virtues, and you have what Maid Marian would be guardian over as an angel. She's just such a beautiful woman with flawless virtue!

I approve!!! That is so true. <3

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mary stuart headers 
if you use/save like this post or credit to @latelyatall

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Mary Stuart in every single episode: Pilot

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Your character walks in on mine having a violent flashback and is forced to pin them down for both of their safety. Send me, ‘wake up’ for my character’s reaction/coming to with yours still on top of them.



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                                                            i could not
                                                            count the nights
                                                            that i’ve woken
                                                            s c r e a m i n g

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Ships that start out with immediate chemistry



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